Spotlight on Doug Scott

Doug Scott came to Immanuel House from as a man looking for hope. Now he gives hope to the many guests that Immanuel House serves.

Doug was born and raised in Southern California, and played high school sports. He wanted to become a fireman post-graduation, but a football injury and his father’s passing pushed him toward alternative choices. Doug chose a career as a mechanic to help his family survive when his father died during his senior year. He was a Sr. Diagnostic Technician for 29 years, and married his high school sweetheart. They raised two sons and one daughter until divorce, finances, and family drama resulted in Doug becoming homeless.

It is at this point that Immanuel House came into the picture.

In 2013 the Immanuel House Program Director offered Doug the position of House Manager. About a month later, during a staff meeting, Liz Reid, CEO and Founder of Immanuel House, pulled him to the side -- “I thought I was getting in trouble."

He was actually getting a promotion to his current position, Program Coordinator. “I’ve been doing that ever since.”

As Program Director, Doug coordinates the needs of each house while supervising the managers of six Immanuel House locations in Riverside, Perris and Moreno Valley. He writes a weekly report about each guest to send to parole agents and police departments. “It gives me a way to know my guests better.” He also follows up with Immanuel House client issues, talks to parole agents about prospective and current guests, picks up groceries, and does random inspections in the course of his work.

Considering that Immanuel House helps US veterans, parolees, mentally challenged, and even persons who just can’t afford housing for a time, Doug definitely has many hats to wear. The involvement in each of the Immanuel House guests is a great motivator. Individual care given to each situation makes his relationships authentic and lasting, and also helps with the growth of Immanuel House guests. The IH doors are open to all, and every case is an “opportunity to help somebody."

[Liz Reid] gives us flexibility to deal with things on a case by case basis… pushing each individual to the next level of independence, and that makes both our guests and our staff members feel good.

Doug takes it in stride, and doesn’t seem to lose his positive outlook for himself, Immanuel House, or the areas served through the non-profit organization. He sees it growing, and helping more and more people. Immanuel House is lucky to have such a wonderfully humble, strong, and organized Program Director involved in their operation and growth. The future can only get better with such a great foundation in the staff.